2020 Summer Camps

This summer we are offering 4 summer camps for foodies, junior chefs, and those who are curious about where their food comes from. All camps will be held at Garden Street Academy, from 9:00am-3:00pm.  Kids in grades 4-8 are welcome to register. 

We have been carefully tracking the re-open regulations from the CDC, Santa Barbara County, and the City of Santa Barbara. Summer Camps are in Phase 3 of the Reopening Plan. Santa Barbara is currently in Phase 2. We are hopeful that by early July our resilient community will be in Phase 3, and we can welcome our campers for days of food, fun and friendship!

All of our camps will be based at Garden Street Academy. One day each week we will be at the Harbor and Leadbetter Beach to learn about sustainable fishing and the local commercial fishing community.

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Around the World in Five Meals

July 6-10   

​​In this hand-on camp, we will explore different regions around the world. In addition to learning cooking techniques, we will dive into various flavor profiles, and go on exciting food-related field trips. 


Farm & Fish to Table

July 13-17

Where does your food come from? Who plants the seeds and patiently waits for the harvest? Who catches (and filets) your fish? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this exciting camp we will visit the people who steward our food system. Each day we will go on exciting field trips and prepare delicious meals!

Plant-Powered Kids

July 20-24

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Are you curious about eating less meat, and wondering what the hype is all about? Join us for this exciting week of farm and restaurant visits, discovering mysterious fruits and vegetables, and creating menus with little or no animal products.  

Tasty Transformations

July 27-31

Join us for a week to learn where food meets science! We will answer questions like: How does heat transform fruits and vegetables? What is the Maillard effect? Are baking soda and baking powder really that different from each other? How can you cook fish without heat? And many more questions. Each day we will go on exciting field trips and prepare delicious meals.

More details about camp

▪ We will take temperatures of campers, staff, and volunteers each morning. Campers will not be permitted to participate if they have a fever. We will have substitute counselors on deck in the event of adult illnesses.
▪ Instead of "indoor" field trips to venues like commercial kitchens and grocery stores, our field trips will be outdoors or we will have the field trips come to us!
▪ We will be more generous with our cancellation policy. If your camper cannot attend any or all of camp due to illness, you will be refunded for the days your camper misses.
▪ And, of course, we will be extra vigilant about kitchen cleanliness, hand sanitizing, and social distancing.

Whew! That's a lot of changes! We won't change the essential elements of our program and our camp:

▪ Campers will learn hands-on cooking techniques and terms.
▪ We will sit down together and enjoy our meals, along with sparkling conversation. In the age of covid, good manners are still essential!
▪ Campers will help clean up the kitchen. Now more than ever, cleanliness and sanitization are not just good manners, they are life-affirming skills.
▪ Campers will taste foods that are new to them. Adventure is encouraged!
▪ With advanced notice, we will accommodate food sensitivities and allergies (see registration form.)
▪ Campers will learn about the world of food around them. Our field trips will educate campers about where food comes from, how it grows, and so much more.

Current Offerings

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2020-2021 After-School Enrichment

Pending Reopening and COVID-19

Course description:  Your student is invited to enjoy 7-9 afternoons of chopping, slicing, measuring and stirring to create several yummy dishes with professional chefs and skilled volunteers. Your child will come home excited about preparing nutritious, delicious, and affordable meals made from real food. Each week they will work with a small group to prepare a meal and then sit down to enjoy it together as a community with tablecloths and napkins.

If you would like us to teach at your child's school (including homeschool groups) please contact us!